The Vanished Imam Analyst

Since there is some overlap between my social media presence and this site of mine, I thought I should let folks know that I have terminated, with moderate prejudice, both my Twitter and Facebook accounts. The former had devolved into a cesspool of name-calling dominated by Woke blue checks, and positive relationships I had developed there were outweighed by their dark opposites. As for Facebook, or “Meta,” its undeniable utility for high school football pictures and funny memes could not make up for the constant censoring of information its 20-something liberal arts majors didn’t like–which is to say, anything not reflexively Far Leftist.

I will redouble my blogging efforts here, and hope to hear from some of my social media friends through this venue.

Yours truly from “Thee & Thou,” a Shakespeare farce, 2019. Note the rapier over the shoulder!