Goose-stepping Morons Banning Books

Yesterday TheStream published my first article: “Mohammed’s Koran: The Book Amazon Won’t Let You Buy” (a review thereof).  This site is conservative, both politically and theologically; and in terms of the latter, aims to run content that evangelical Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox Christians can rally behind.  Look for more offerings over there from yours truly going forward.

Since I open the piece by mentioning Dr. Henry Jones, I’ll take the liberty of posting a pic of me from Halloween 2017 attired as the famous archaeologist’s father:


4 thoughts on “Goose-stepping Morons Banning Books

  1. D Kevin Rieder

    Thank you for your service and all you do to expose the truth about Islam. You get the most flack when you’re over the target, right?

    I rarely miss your interviews on the Peter Boyles show!


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