(Discussion About) God Is In The Radio

I’ve lost count of how many radio interviews I’ve done over the last decade or so.  Usually I am asked to opine on some aspect of Islamic history relating to modern terrorism, but thanks to my 2005 article “Beheading in the Name of Islam,” I’ve (rather unfortunately) been pegged as an expert on that specific dreadful topic.  Dr. Bill Bennett had me on his “Morning in America” show to discuss it, before the show went away (here’s the link via Hugh Hewitt and “Townhall”–I start at 28″ in).  “BBC 3 Counties” radio also interviewed me, back in 2015, regarding Islamic decapitation. The late Alan Colmes also had me on, mainly to argue about it–but FNC finally removed the link.


No, I don’t get this dressed up for radio interviews.  Or do I?

The two stations that have brought me on the most times are KNUS AM 710, Denver and KFUO AM 850, St. Louis.  Regarding the former, a number of hosts have interviewed me for their shows–but by the far my most appearances have been on “The Peter Boyles Show,” which is an early morning one out there.  Perhaps some time this summer I will get around to providing links to the dozens (at least!) of times Peter let me opine.  But today I’d like to do so for the 22 times I was interviewed on KFUO, which is the flagship station for my own denomination: the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod:

March 3, 2012: Studio A, hour two: “Burning Qur’ans

June 16, 2012: Studio A, “Crusade v. Jihad

June 30, 2012: Studio A: “Is Islam Winning?”

September 14, 2012: The Bible Study, hour two: “General Info about Islam”

September 15, 2012: Studio A, hour two: “Attacks on US Embassies in Libya, Egypt

October 20, 2012: Studio A, hour one: “The Libyan Consulate Attack

November 19, 2012: The Bible Study, hour two: “General Info about Islam

December 1, 2012: Studio A, hour one: “The Morsi Power Grab in Egypt

August 18, 2013: Studio A: “Mahdism, Eschatology and Pew Data

August 17, 2013: Studio A: “Anti-Christian Violence in Egypt

February 2, 2013: Studio A, hour one: “John Brennan, the CIA and Islam

April 20, 2013: Studio A, hour two: “The Boston Bombing

May 25, 2013: Studio A, hour two: “The Murder of a British Soldier by Islamic ‘Radicals‘”

September 14, 2013: “The Syrian Civil War and Islamic Eschatology

October 19, 2013: Studio A, hour two: “The Battle of Vienna and the Reformation

October 20, 2014: Faith’n’Family: “The Appeal of Islam

April 30, 2016: World Lutheran News Digest [WLND]: “The Crusades

October 26, 2016: WLND: “Translating Arabic to English” [on Islamic theological terms]

August 23, 2017: WLND: “Eclipses and Islam

May 30, 2018: WLND: “US Embassy [in Israel] in Jerusalem

April 3, 2019: WLND: “Media Silence on Christians Deaths

May 1, 2019: WLND: “Attacks on Places of Worship

By the way: “God is in the Radio” is a hard-rock/metal song by Queens of the Stone Age.












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