A New Stream of Orientalism

Three months ago, I started writing regularly for The Stream, a conservative and ecumenically Christian site “championing freedom, smaller government and human dignity.”  Since my banishment from Facebook, some folks may not realize that I’m doing so–hence the posting, here, of my articles to date:

6.27.19: “Will Islam Breed and Bomb its Way to Global Dominance?

6.18.19: “Luther Writes Once Again on the War against Islam

6.7.19: “Contain Iran, Don’t Invade It

5.4.19: “Trumps Policies Toward The Islamic World Are A Triumph

4.20.19: “Louis Farrakhan on the Crescent and the Crucifixion

4.19.19: “The Dhimmi and the Virgin: The Future of Notre Dame

4.8.19: “ISIS Is Not a Dead Parrot

3.24.19: “Making Golan Israeli At Last

3.20.19: “Mohammed’s Koran: The Book Amazon Won’t Let You Buy.”


A minaret in the Old City of Jerusalem, from my last trip there (2013). 


12 thoughts on “A New Stream of Orientalism

    1. Kip: FB shadow-banned me, and would only say “you may have used a FB feature in a way that some might consider abusive.” No idea what that meant. So I just deleted my account.


      1. Nicholas

        You are very welcome, sir. I am a long time fan (I came across your work via Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson). My BA and MPhil were in Classics (the MPhil involved some biblical Hebrew) so I appreciate your contextual approach to textual analysis and interpretation.


          1. Nicholas

            Not at the moment (although I am preaching this week on the Day of Yahweh). I taught for a couple of years following university (high school Classics and Philosophy and Sociology of Religion) and am now trying to start a career in law (although the going is very difficult).


            1. Nicholas

              I’ve just completed two years of law school here in England: Year 1 was what is commonly known as the “conversion course” (an introduction to the key areas of law); the second year is a professional skills course that is necessary here before you are allowed to commence a period of training. I took the latter year as an MSc in business law in order to improve my commercial knowledge.


            2. Ah, ok. Well, good luck! I went to law school for one semester back in the 80s. I hated it so bad I quit and joined the Army (where I learned Arabic). Then I did my PhD afterwards.

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    1. Aye. Thank you. As to his final question: “Why?” Because Western “liberal” thought, from Voltaire to Marx and now Saul Alinksy and the militant SJWs, sees Christianity as its main enemy–probably because they suspect it’s actually true.

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