From the Middle East to Middle-earth

As my periodic posts pulling in Middle-earth politics indicate, I’m a Tolkien fan(atic). Back in 2016 Oloris Publishing put out my intensely-researched book High Towers and Strong Places: A Political History of Middle-earth. But not long after, Oloris ceased operations and High Towers became unavailable except to those as rich as Smaug.

Well, I finally decided to do a hard day’s work–actually, a number of them–and republish the book myself on Amazon. And much of the heavy lifting of editing, as well as all of the formatting, was done by my wife Davina–to whom I owe (yet again) a great deal of thanks.

The book runs to 294 pages (actually 20 more than my doctoral dissertation on Islamic eschatology!) and contains almost 900 endnotes referring to over 200 sources, both primary and secondary. It’s intended for a popular audience, but academic enough to have served as a source (along with the author) for a Master’s degree at Signum University. I am still working on the successor volume: Bright Swords and Glorious Warriors: A Military History of Middle-earth. 

The paperback version is available on Amazon here. The Kindle version should be up soon.

High Towers Cover 2020 Amazon edition paperback

Back cover High Towers 2020


2 thoughts on “From the Middle East to Middle-earth

  1. Robert Craigen

    Good to see it’s available again, Tim. But a bit disappointing the illustrations aren’t available. I thought they were excellent, and made it a nice coffee table book. Did the illustrator not retain the rights, perhaps?


    1. Rob: I had the rights only to the text, and working out a deal that enabled me to use illustrations and/or maps was just too complicated. And I didn’t want to wait any longer to get it back out.


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