The Pen is Mightier than the Plague…Lockdown

I went into “China Virus”/book-writing hermit mode this past March (as per my previous post). But in that five months I did also write and publish 14 articles (as of today, 8.19.2020) over at The Stream :

The Virtue of Plagues: How Epidemics Can Change the Course of History

The Prince of Peace v. the False Prophets of Islam

Atheist NYC Mayor De Blasio Feeds Muslims, Forgets Christians and Jews

Out Like Flynn

Bringing the Gospel to Pakistan: A Lutheran Missionary’s Story

How Middle-earth Can Help Us Deal with the Middle Kingdom

A Byzantine Approach to Antifa

Who’s Your Messiah Now, Democrats?”

A More Perfect Union May Not be Good Enough

Martin Luther Writes against the Robbing and Murdering Hordes of Antifa

Trumplandia v. Antifistant: What If the US Breaks Up?

Who Can Blame Erdogan for Going Back to the Future?

Mumbling toward Mecca

From Eastern Arabia with Love: the UAE Makes Peace with Israel

Yours truly during “China Virus” Lockdown–Not.
Try “Luther at Erfurt” (Wiki public domain)