Can Bad Dates Stop the Mahdi?

The nice folks at Wikistrat–the online analytical group for which I have done some work–sent out an announcement about my new book, in Q & A format. There’s also a link therein to the Amazon page where you can order it.

I explore how the Ottoman Empire, across space and time, fought off seven major groupings of insurgents. So this work is necessarily eclectic, canvassing not just Middle East and African (Sudanese) history, but military tactics, strategy, Islamic theology, Ottoman domestic politics and foreign relations, and–of course–eschatology and Mahdism. And where else would you learn that one Ottoman plan to take out an opponent involved…poisoned dates!? (No, this attempt was not thwarted by the trusty Egyptian side-kick.)

Also, on September 11, 2020 (fittingly enough), the PR department at Reinhardt University (where I teach) did a short article on this being the fifth book I’ve published.

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