Dueling Visions of the Mahdi in Libya

Fox News ran an interesting article yesterday, entitled “ISIS, squeezed out of Iraq and Syria, now ‘regrouping’ in Libya, analysts say.”  The point–as if the title were not clear enough–is that ISIS is using that failing north African state for a haven as its caliphal territory in Syria and, especially, Iraq is being diminished.

As my Army basic training drill sergeant used to say, “it don’t take a GED” to figure certain things out.  It just seems to take some analysts longer than others, however.  I predicted that ISIS would relocate its caliphate’s command and control to Libya over a year ago, in this article “Dousing ISIS’ Apocalyptic Spark in Syria“–owing not only to Libya’s lawless state, but just as much to the history of Islamic eschatological movements in North Africa being compatible with ISIS’ own brand of Islam.


The Almohad (al-Muwahhidun) Caliphate, the main motivating tenet of which was belief that its founder Ibn Tumart was the Mahdi, included much of modern Libya in its domains.


2 thoughts on “Dueling Visions of the Mahdi in Libya

  1. Carl

    Do you know if we are trying to work with Sanusis against ISIS and if we are not do you think we will? Normally that kind of cooperation would stand to reason but we are dealing with the US gov which is why I ask.


    1. I do not know. I will say that in several venues I have recommended that we do so. Perhaps under the Trump administration such common sense will prevail–because it surely did not under the previous one.


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