Muhammad’s Radio

Well, actually, Geoff Currier’s and Peter Boyles’ on CJOB (Winnipeg) and KNUS (Denver) respectively–but since on both shows I talked about Islam, I thought the title from an obscure but excellent Warren Zevon song would serve well here.

I was in Winnipeg, Manitoba (which is in Canada, for anyone unversed in geography) last of September for a speaking engagement, courtesy of my good friend Dr. Rob Craigen.  He also got me interviewed on Currier’s talk show on CJOB Winnipeg. Here’s the link (I start just after 37″ in after the segment on PTSD).  We discussed Islam in general, the concept and historicity of jihad and the relationship between Muslim immigration and terrorist incidents.

This morning my friend Peter Boyles interviewed me on his Denver radio show.  Here’s that link.  We tried to break down the horrible Paddock killing spree in Las Vegas, and examined the ISIS claim that he had converted to Islam and was working for them.

By the way: these lyrics from Zevon’s aforementioned song certainly have an Islamic eschatological ring to them:

You’ve been up all night listening for his drum/hoping that the righteous might just, might just, might just come/I heard the General whisper to his aide-de-camp/”Be watchful for Mohammed’s lamp.”


Muhammad and a hunka hunka burning prophets (to include Jesus, second from right I believe).  Zevon’s “Mohammed’s Lamp” is likely a garbled reference to what Muslims call Nur al-Muhammad, his “light” which is believed (especially by the Shi`a sects) to emanate from him (and other prophets, although of course Muhammad’s is bigger).