Breaking Down “Islamophobia”

As I’ve noted before, I’m privileged to appear periodically on Pete Turner’s excellent radio program, the “Break It Down Show.” Often this is as a commentator for album fights. (And here’s the latest one of those). But every so often Pete gets me on to discuss some aspect of Islamic civilization/history/affairs. This he did again recently, using yours truly as a foil (or actually more of an echo chamber) over against Dr. Boris Havel, a fellow Islam scholar from the University of Zagreb.

The entire show runs about 66 minutes, but it’s worth it!


With one of my Orientalist heroes in London: General

Charles Gordon, killed by Mahdists in Khartoum, 1885.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Down “Islamophobia”

  1. Karen McKay

    Can’t read the inscription on the statue–who is/was he?

    And what are “album fights?”

    Am I revealing myself to be a septuagenarian troglodyte?



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