It’s Only Rock and Roll–But I Like (To Judge) It!

My friend Pete Turner hosts an Internet radio program, “The Break It Down Show.”  Pete did time in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and often opines about geopolitical and cultural matters. But he also regularly does a segment called “Album Fight,” in which Pete and a panel of “judges” weigh the respective merits of two recordings.  He’s asked me to participate four times–despite my thin qualifications, which consist primarily of lots of experience listening to rock, and being opinionated. But it’s been a helluva lot of fun, and I thank him for roping me in!

Here are those album fights:

Lennon v. McCartney, “Imagine”v. “Band on the Run

Aerosmith v. Boston (eponymous debut albums)

Led Zeppelin v. Led Zeppelin, “Houses of the Holy” v. “IV

U2 v. The Doors, “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” v. “The Doors” (debut album)


U2 playing in Cleveland, OH, summer 2017, on “The Joshua Tree” tour. My wife and I were there. (Picture credit: me.)





One thought on “It’s Only Rock and Roll–But I Like (To Judge) It!

  1. peteaturner

    I love your judging style. We’re all trying to figure out what makes music great…I think we’re actually doing it. Let’s get to that ZZ Top v Bowie fight!

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